On October 19, 2016, President Emeritus Don Breckon delivered an impassioned hour-long presentation titled “The Amazing Story of 140 Years of Creating and Maintaining Diversity and Inclusion at Park College/University” as part of Park University’s Year of Inclusion event series.

Breckon said, “The story of diversity and inclusion at Park University is truly amazing, one I believe is without parallel, and I am proud to have been part of it for the fourteen years I served as president.”

He later added, “In conclusion, I’d like to say that George Park and John McAfee had an improbable dream, a dream of a college on a hill that would reach out and include individuals who wanted to earn a college degree and who were willing to work, but had been denied access for a variety of reasons. Efforts to make that dream a reality have nearly failed more than once in our 141 years of existence, but we are still here, still reaching out, and still making a very diverse group of students, faculty and staff feel included.”

Paper: the-amazing-story-of-140-years-of-creating-and-maintaining-diversity-and-inclusion